Question Of The Day: How Hard Is It To Be A Freelance Writer?

Many people who are considering a career as a freelance writer want to know how hard it is. In reality working as a freelance writer brings with it a great many rewards but it also brings with it many challenges the same as any other career.

  • - One of the biggest challenges associated with being a freelance writer is having the discipline to sit down and complete a task when no one is standing near you forcing you to do it. You are not held accountable by any boss in person, nor do you have to work with colleagues on a daily basis to approach you face-to-face. When all of your communication takes place over the Internet it can be somewhat difficult to stay focused and to avoid running off to the kitchen or the television whenever you don't feel like completing a task.

  • - There's a great deal of freedom associated with being able to work in your pajamas but by the same token you also have to create a workspace. In theory it is possible to work from anywhere and those with the motivation in the self-discipline to sit down at any local cafĂ© and ignore the sites the city has to offer and instead work on a project are much better off than someone who finds it difficult to work in a flexible setting full of distractions and noises.

  • - Another challenge associated with working as a freelance writer is the fact that not every client will be respectful or professional. There is a great tendency for people to bully those around them when the only mode of communication is the Internet. While this does not happen frequently it does happen occasionally and on those occasions he can be very difficult to continue to work hard and put forth the effort necessary to get a job done. It can also be challenging to except the behavior of others and not let it influence the rest of your work as a freelance writer.

Overall it takes a great deal of focus and effort to continually search for new clients and to stay motivated and on target with deadlines. When faced with difficult clients it can be equally challenging to remain professional in all capacities. But in the end, if the challenges associated with working as a freelance writer are not enough to scare you away then the work can be ideally suited for your situation.

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