The Fail-Safe Strategy To Land Good Freelance Content Writing Jobs

Fail-safe is a particularly strong word and any good freelance writer would give their eye teeth to have a fail-safe formula when making applications. But there are a number of steps you can take to greatly increase your chances of success or, to put it another way, greatly reduce your chances of failure. It's a fact of life that for most freelance writing jobs, and particularly for those which are well-paid, there are far more applicants than there are positions available. If you can adopt a strategy which is well proven, then such a tried and tested formula should become your guide.

  • Make sure that your profile presents you in your work in the best possible light.
  • Make sure your CV and body of work is your best output.
  • Always write a specific job application.
  • The early bird catches the worm.
  • Making suggestions can be a darn good idea.

Many employers, if they are interested in your application, will go deeper into their investigation and look at your profile. Is this up-to-date? Does it present you in the best light possible?

If you are going to upload a CV and a selection of the work you have already created, make sure it shows off your skills to its best advantage. If you are not strong in a particular area of freelance writing, it does not make sense to trumpet this area of your so-called expertise. Concentrate on your strengths and sell your good points.

Many employers will ask all applicants to do something specific when it comes to making application. This is to avoid people who apply for any and every job without reading the conditions. Obviously you need to follow the instructions of the employer and in so doing you should also make each of your applications unique. Refer specifically to one or more aspects of the job in hand.

Many freelance writers don't check job listings on a regular basis. When they do find something which appeals and then apply, it may well be that the job has already been allocated. It pays to look at job listings on a daily basis and for some even on an hourly basis. The early bird often does get the worm.

If you come across in your job application as someone who has ideas and if you can make a suggestion about how the advertised job could be better created, you are indicating to the employer that you are a thinking freelance writer and someone who could not only deliver the goods but add something extra.

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