What Are The Main Kinds Of Freelance Writing: Basic Tutorial

Freelance writing is becoming more and more popular as both full time and part time work. It is easy to understand why so many people are drawn to it: you can work from anywhere you have an internet connection, set your own hours, and decide how much you want to charge. It is such a broad term that encompasses so many different kinds of writing that there are sure to be opportunities for almost anyone in it.

To decide what kind of freelance writing you should pursue, you should first understand what kinds there are. Use this basic tutorial to understand the different kinds:

  • Technical writing
  • Technical writing is one of the most specialized areas of freelance writing. It can include anything from writing manufacturing specification sheets, instruction manuals, medical writing, and grant writing. With the exception of grant writing it generally requires that you have some sort of background on the subject area. Clients for technical writing will include companies and some nonprofits.

  • Research writing
  • Research writing, which encompasses academic writing as well is a broad area that requires less experience in the subject area than experience researching and writing with a professional tone about a wide range of subjects. You will find research writing project offered by consultants, marketing firms, academic researchers, or nonprofit organizations.

  • Content writing
  • Content writing is one of the more generalized kinds of freelance writing, and is usually the easiest area to find work in if you are brand new professional writing and don’t have much experience. Content writing includes writing for websites, magazine articles, and blogs. It may be helpful to find jobs with subjects that you are familiar with or have experience in, but it is not necessary. Clients for content writing can either be the website itself, or agencies that sell content to websites.

  • Fiction writing
  • Opportunities for freelance fiction writing can be limited, but they do exist. With fiction writing there is generally more emphasis placed on the tone and style of your writing than your experience. Clients for fiction writing can include publishers, websites, and authors looking for ghost writers.

To decide which of these kinds of writing is the best fit for you, ask yourself what kind of writing you enjoy the most? How much experience and qualifications do you have? And how much you are hoping to make per hour? In general, the higher paying jobs will require more qualifications, experience, and expertise.

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