How To Start A Highly-Paying Career: Tips For Good Freelance Writers

The internet plays host to thousands of marketplaces. In this regard, many are earning a living simply by creating web contents, blogging or writing news for companies. This has become known as freelancing. Thousands of people around the world work from home to earn a living through writing and given the many opportunities available on the World Wide Web, they leave nothing to chance. In fact, there are freelance writers who earn even a six figure income every month simply by crafting invaluable articles to clients whom they have since cultivated a long term working relationship with. To those good writers out there who still have no idea that such opportunities exist, time is running out. The future of working is Online and to start you off, this article explores great tips. Simply read on.

Starting a blog

To many people out there who are earning a living through online writing, it is a passion that stems from deep within. So, are you are that good writer who has the passion but no idea where to start from? Well, blogging has witnessed exponential growth in recent years. Many people and especially writers around the world have since joined the online communities of bloggers but why? Well, popular blogging platforms like Google’s Blogger, Tumblr and Wordpress are great places to start your writing career. On such platforms, there are basic tools that would aid your blog creation. At the end of the day, you will have a place to showcase your writing prowess to potential clients around then world.

Blog specific content

When it comes to writing, there is always that niche which you find a favorite. This is where to begin. For example, if you love writing news, create a blog of that nature. Also, if you love fashion, you can always create a fashion blog and start sharing with the world your fashion sense. As long as you have a “contact me/hire me” tab on your blog, someone will soon be coming your way with a good pay. This means, you should market your writing by sharing your posts around the web even on social media pages like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Sign up with freelance writing websites or online market places

Even if you have a great profile on say Elance, Upwork, People Per Hour, Fivver, Writers Bay and many other writing sites, getting a gig is never easy without something to show. However, bidding on jobs becomes a lot easier when you can simple copy and paste your sample writing from your blog.

Writing Jobs

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Proofread Your Writing

Learn the grammar and spelling rules and find ways to avoid mistakes effectively. Another way to deal with errors is to hire a professional editor who will edit your texts and help you improve your writing skills

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