What Features Should Academic Freelance Writing Websites Have?

There are hundreds of academic freelance writing websites on the internet. Your problem is finding the ones that are the most reputable and the most reasonably priced. In order to find the best ones you need to know certain features that the best websites have. Here are some ideas about which features need to be in an academic freelance website if they are to be trusted:

  • The best sites test their writers to ensure they are skilled enough to write for them. They should be made to pass a series of tests so the company can be confident they are qualified to write for them.

  • Most good sites make sure their writers are native English speaking. They should supply samples of their writing so you can evaluate their abilities to see if they are skilled enough.

  • All reputable websites keep a history of their writers and their jobs along with reviews. Reviews are very important because they give honest accounts of past experiences by other clients. You can learn a lot from these reviews so make sure you read as many as you can.

  • The best companies will hold the money for the project to ensure both sides are treated fairly. The writer only gets the money once the job is satisfactorily completed and the client must put up the money in advance to make sure the writer will get paid. They also have accounts set up for financial transactions and insure the money will be there as promised. Most companies will keep a small percentage for themselves in order to make a profit and maintain the site.

  • The better sites will have a variety of writers on staff that are experts in all different fields. This way you can be assured of having a good writer for any subject.

  • The best writing websites have an easy way of keeping all of the writing projects organized so they are easy to find for the writers.

  • The site should be cell phone friendly so it can be accessed from anywhere. This allows both the writer and the client to keep up to date with any problems that may need attention.

  • The site should be easy to navigate for both the writer and the client.

Of all of the sites I have investigated, I recommend this site. Both the writer and the client can be successful on this site.

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