Recommendations On Getting Started As A Freelance Copywriter

If you're interested in becoming a freelance copywriter below you will find some recommendations on getting started:

  • When you first start out as a freelance copywriter you need to register with a third-party freelance platform. The reason for this is that these companies are designed to connect clients to contractors and help expedite the process of getting started. When you work with one of these platforms you have the ability to create a profile and from that profile display all relevant work information including your resume, your previous work history, your qualifications, your certifications, your education, and anything else that a potential client would want to see before hiring you.

  • This is particularly effective because it relinquishes you of any responsibility to continually send this information to new clients. Whenever you get a new client they can simply click on your profile and find this information easily.

  • In addition to this rather than having to continually upload samples of work that you have done when you work with such platforms you have the option to upload information including sample documentation of your previous work to your profile and to each specific bid such that when you bid on a job you can simply click on the document you want to send it to that client to show them what work you have done in the past.

  • These platforms are particularly nice in that they have a complete work history so all jobs you are able to complete on the site are tracked with feedback recorded from clients. This allows future clients to look over not only your qualifications and your samples but what other clients have had to say about your services. In offering this you can build up a reputation on the site and building up your reputation will help you to connect with higher-paying clients and better jobs. It will also help you to find those jobs which most closely related to your niche or your personal interest.

You get great payment protection when you work with these platforms such that any copywriting job you complete is funded in an escrow account where the funds are held until the job has been completed by you and received by the client. This protects you from any fraudulent activity and also allows all money to be immediately available in your accounts. This level of security and protection cannot be found elsewhere.

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