Simple Advice For Those In Search Of Freelance Writing Positions

Freelance writing positions are becoming very profitable on the internet. There are clients crying for people to write everything from resumes to recipes. There are all sorts of clients that are requesting all sorts of writing and there are writers just waiting to write. Here is some simple advice for those that are searching for freelance writing positions:

  • It is important that you build a reputation on the internet that shows what kind of writer you are and gets your name noticed by clients. One of the best ways to do this is to set yourself up with one of the many sites that are in the business of pairing writers with clients. An example of this would be Upwork. You can register for free and set up a profile that describes who you are and the qualifications you have. You can show examples of your previous writings as well. Clients will post jobs on the site and will ask for people to bid on them. They will then choose a writer based on their experience and their price.

  • Deadlines must be met. If you can consistently meet deadlines, you will be very successful at freelance writing. This is extremely important to clients because they have deadlines of their own that need to be met. Make sure you agree on a timeframe in which to complete work for a client and then meet that deadline.

  • Take pride in your work. Even though your name will not be on the work you complete, you must do it just as if your name was going to be there. The more satisfied your client is the better reputation you will get on the internet. Your goal should be to get a few great clients that are loyal and ask you to do all of their work for them. You can probably charge a premium as you become better recognized.

  • Don’t give up and be persistent. You should try to put in at least 2 bids daily until you have too much work to do. Remember to only take work that you can complete within the deadlines established by your clients. You must understand that you are trying to grow a business and that takes time.

If you follow the above advice and be patient you will be very successful. Get your name out there, find some good clients and treat them well. You will be rewarded greatly.

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