Where Should I Look For Freelance Writing Jobs For College Students?

In my second year at college I found myself needing to earn more income in order to make ends meet. I had rent, bills, food and, of course, all the books I had to pay for. It was hard for me to take on a part time job when my schedule was so erratic. So, I decided to look into finding freelance writing jobs both online and locally. Here’s what I did to get started.

  • I searched online and in town:
  • The first thing I needed to do was get a better idea of the kinds of opportunities available both online and in town. The town jobs I looked at were all magazine writer positions that could pay per assignment. Online opportunities were similar but I could work for clients from all over the world.

  • I identified my specialty areas:
  • After reviewing the kinds of freelance writing jobs I thought would fit my situational needs, I made a list of my specialty areas. I was pretty good at academic and report composition, but I also had a personal interest in sports and outdoor living. I focused my search net to these specialty areas and took note of the kinds of qualities I needed to express in my portfolio and in my proposals.

  • I created a profile and portfolio:
  • I found two great freelance service sites and joined for free, easily and conveniently setting up a basic profile in a matter of minutes. After research a few other profiles and portfolios I took note of several ways in which I could improve mine, so I spent another couple of hours ensuring that I would stand apart from others.

  • I started submitting proposals:
  • Spending time on writing the perfect proposal was a key to my early success. I knew the field was pretty competitive and I didn’t have the years’ of experience that other writers did. So, I had to leverage my skills by writing eye-catching proposals that would not be ignored. I catered each one to the client’s specific needs and pretty soon I was receiving acceptance letters.

  • I made several connections:
  • Finally, I made it a point to make several connections with both freelancers and clients. This allowed me to stay up-to-date with all of the things that were going on in my field. And it let me hear about some great opportunities I wouldn’t have heard about if I hadn’t been so persistent about networking.

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